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Falling Off the Wagon

Falling Off the Wagon


Sometimes you fall off the wagon and sometimes the wagon falls right on top of you! We all have big plans for the next diet, workout, journal, me time, etc…. I get it! BIG PLANS! So, we follow through with our plans for a while and then just like that something happens and we fall off the wagon.  I’m’ not talking about falling off the wagon and drinking myself silly (ya’ll know I don’t need alcohol for silly). I’m talking about falling off the big plans wagon. My big plans wagon is old, rusty, and somewhere along the way got spray painted.  That wagon has been ridden to the ends of the earth and I still fall off! I’m not perfect and I certainly do not pretend to be but it sure is easy for people on Facebook and Instagram to see your pretty life and think “WOW! She’s got it going on”, well I’m not Stacey’s mom and I for sure do not have it going on.  For example, do not zoom on the pictures I posted because you will see I haven’t washed my hair in three days. That’s why hats were invented, right?

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My profession leads you to believe that I eat healthy all the time, feed my family pristine meals, and that I follow my own advice to a “T”. Most of the time I do but sometimes it’s hard and sometimes I fall off.

Back in the day before I found what I wanted to be when I grew up we were a fast-food, drive-thru, on the go family.  We did our thing and drove the kids to and from 9 million different events and we ate on the go.  Fries counted as veggies back then, right? BUT… back in the day, I felt like crap, total crap! I felt the best when I just laid in bed and didn’t move.  I could blink my eyes but as long as I didn’t move I felt pretty good. My joints ached all the time and I always had an underlying mild headache. I didn’t sleep, ever! I was always exhausted and I couldn’t think to save my life.  There was no way I could multi-task and I couldn’t even make it into the other room and remember what I went in there for. I was an emotionally unstable wreck and I would be happy one minute and crying like a maniac the next.  Everything set me off and you better get out of the way because I might drop kick a bucket of popcorn at your head (just ask my husband, God bless him that he stuck around).  Looking back, I was a mess a BIG CRAZY MESS! I didn’t know any better and I thought that was just how life was supposed to be that you got older, felt like poo, and just dealt with life in a daze.  Well If you have been following me for a while you know that one day we woke up and our world was turned upside-down.  Since that fateful day, our lives have changed completely and we focus on our health through diet and lifestyle.  I have spent the last 7 years changing everything in our lives and in return it has completely changed our moods, minds, and bodies.

So back to the wagon…. I recently fell off again! Life got busy, I got lazy, and I started introducing old habits back into my life.  I woke up one day a few weeks ago and thought “oh man! I feel bad! Really REALLY bad!” My joints hurt, my head hurt, I was exhausted and I felt myself slipping into that old crazy mood.  When you feel really, really, really, bad and you have every symptom in the book it’s a sign that your body is saying “Hold up lady! What the hell are you doing to me?” In the old days, I never got that message, I just carried on and didn’t listen. These days I hear what my body is saying loud and clear. It’s time to clean up my act and heal my body.  I don’t need a diagnosis or prescriptions, I need to focus on my diet and lifestyle.  I know that there is no one size fits all diet and I have to focus and do what works best for my body.  I have been down this road before so I know my gut is unhappy and we are going to get happy together.

Why am I telling you all of this? I want you to know that I get it, I get that you feel like poo! I get that you want to lay in bed and only blink.  I know that it’s super hard and sometimes it’s a struggle.  You only have one shot at this life and you can’t live it  (I mean really LIVE IT) feeling like crap!  You have the ability to take your health into your own hands and change your life!

How do you take back your health?

Anyone who wants to improve their health and break the cycle should have a trusted Functional health practitioner. Having a functional health practitioner in your corner will give you three things: accountability, expertise, and optimism. You may not be fully aware of the situation and someone with expertise will help you to take the required actions. If you are reluctant and procrastinating on your health due to fear, you need someone who can hold you accountable!

Fear is often the biggest reason we are held back from conquering the health issues we are facing.

Trying to do this without the proper help is crazy! I know because I tried it myself and spent thousands and thousands of dollars on trying to figure it all out.

Investing in your health will pay off for the rest of your life. Saving you thousands on doctor visits, surgery’s, prescriptions, and emotional stress.

There is no longer any reason to go this alone!

  • Acknowledge your situation
  • Shift your attitude
  • Find the best health practitioner that you can and spend what it takes to work with them
  • FINALLY, you need to execute a new plan!

I’m here to help and I have been down this road before.  You can connect with me at or check out my website at

Functional Health Practitioners embrace much of the philosophy of Integrative medicine but also employs a systems-oriented clinical approach that works to identify and understand the underlying or root causes of a disease. This discipline considers the personalization of healthcare, as each patient care plan is distinct and unique.  The relationship between patient and practitioner effectively becomes a partnership; every aspect of a patient’s medical history is reviewed in detail. Functional health practitioners address the individual rather than the disease.

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