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5 Steps to Take Back Your Health and Your Power

5 Steps to Take Back Your Health and Your Power


You are not your diagnosis and it is not your identity!

So many of us spend so much time hunting down the answers to our chronic health issues. We visit doctor after doctor and spend thousands of dollars on specialist and prescriptions.  Just to FINALLY have a diagnosis! What does that diagnosis do for you? Do you feel better?

Is the pain, exhaustion, weight gain, brain fog, anxiety, etc… gone now that you have that diagnosis? NO, it’s not and I bet you now have a handful of prescriptions you “have” to take for the rest of your life or else… You have officially covered up your symptoms with a band-aid! As the disease progresses and your body continues to break down you will have to take more and more prescriptions to counteract everything else that you are taking. Diagnosis is just a label it’s a name that we call your symptoms and for many of us, that diagnosis becomes our identity. “Oh, I’m sick all the time” “ I don’t feel well” “ My joints hurt” This is who I am The Chronically Ill Woman, the new me! Why do you accept this as your destiny? Why haven’t you questioned why you have all these symptoms in the first place.

I see so many women who struggle with the fact that they have become their diagnosis.  They don’t want to do the work to change and heal their bodies because honestly, they are scared of the person they will find on the other side.  Who is she? Who is this person who feels well and doesn’t have all this diagnosis weighing her down? What will I do with her and the new-found power that comes with her? So many women who don’t know how to face life without a label! It’s saddening and maddening that our current medical system has brought so many women to their knees.

I want to empower you! I want you to take back your health, your life, your power! I want you to heal your bodies and live life like you never imagined.  Here are my five steps to help you regain your health and your power.

  1. Don’t accept your diagnosis as the grand finale, when you do you give up your power to control your own health!

Just because you were given a diagnosis doesn’t mean the signs and symptoms will go away. Without getting to the root cause your body will continue to deteriorate

  1. Don’t trust prescription medications as a way to feel better or heal. They are just a cover-up and are probably doing more harm than good.
  • Prescriptions don’t address the root cause of driving symptoms, they mask them
  • The “studies” proving meds are effective are 100% funded by the companies that profit from them
  • Medications contain fillers that can be toxic and build up in the body.
  • Many of these medications can be neurotoxic and cause damage to the brain and nervous system
  • Taking prescribed medications is the fourth leading cause of death among Americans. A recent study estimates that 128,00 Americans die each year as a result of taking prescribed medications.
  • Medication doesn’t solve the root cause, which most of the time is due to imbalances in the body.
  1. Stop Exercising more and eating less! There is no one size fits all diet and exercise plan out there. You may be pushing your body beyond its limits and it’s trying to hang on. You need a plan that is designed for you based on you. It’s called bio-individuality There’s no one-size-fits-all diet – each person is a unique individual with highly individualized nutritional requirements. Personal differences in anatomy, metabolism, body composition and cell structure all influence your overall health and the foods that make you feel your best.
  2. Stop believing that healing is out of your control. You have the ultimate power to take back your health.
  • You grow up thinking that when you feel “sick” you go to the doctor and he will fix you. We learn that what the doctor says is the one and only way to feel better. We are made to think that medications are the only way and we may die if don’t take them.
  • You’re told you are stuck with the disease.
  • You are brainwashed into thinking that medication is the only solution and if you don’t take it you will suffer….or Die
  • You feel guilty if you don’t listen to your doctor.
  • You are marketed, “Drugs and surgery are your only choice, diet, lifestyle, exercise won’t help!”
  • Doctors receive higher bonuses for prescribing more drugs and surgeries to patients
  1. Don’t do it alone! Reach out for help!
  • You may lack the knowledge you need to truly help your child
  • -You will spend tons of money
  • -You still won’t have any answers
  • -You will end up frustrated
  • -Your own health will start to suffer
  • -You will give up

Fear is often the biggest reason we are held back from conquering the health issues we are facing.

Trying to do this without the proper help is crazy! I know because I tried it myself and spent thousands and thousands of dollars on trying to figure it all out.

Investing in your health will pay off for the rest of their life. Saving you thousands on doctor visits, surgery’s, prescriptions, and emotional stress.

It’s time to take control and take back everything that belongs to you. You only get one life and want to empower you to live amazing!


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