Let me guess you have read everything on the internet about tic disorders and you have finally arrived here! You have tried magnesium and B6 for tics and they didn’t seem to help. Maybe you have tried conventional treatments for tics but you would like to make the tics go away naturally. If this sounds like you read on. 

If you’re a parent, then you know the feeling of wanting to do anything and everything to help your children. But sometimes we can make mistakes in our efforts that actually make it more difficult for them. This blog post will introduce some common parenting mistakes people often make when dealing with tic disorders.

  1. Just ignore it! This is the standard answer we all get when it comes to our child’s tics. It’s antiquated or it’ old as dirt and not an acceptable answer. Plus it is not helpful for parents who are trying to do everything they can to help their child who is struggling. There are actually steps you can take to help reduce your child’s tic symptoms. Ignoring a tic is like ignoring an elephant in the room, right?
  2. Dating Dr. Google. You know what I am talking about…I know you have been spending all your free time and late nights with Dr. Google. Searching the internet for “natural treatments for tics” ” tic disorders” “medications for tics” “can tic’s be cured”. I know you are thinking how does she know what’s in my search bar? I have been there too and Dr. google was mine long before he was yours. I am done with him now and you should be too. The information on the internet about tic disorders is overwhelming and contradictory.
  3. Trying every pill, potion, and magic bean on the internet! If you are anything like me at this point you have spent tons of money on all the things Dr. google has recommended. He sure has advice for everything! Let me be the first to tell you that the blanket recommendations for supplements and diets when it comes to tic disorders are one size fits all. One size fits all is not the best approach for your child’s tics. You may have noticed by now that what Dr. Google recommends isn’t working for you.

You may be hearing advice from your doctor that seems contradictory to what you heard on a different website. You might even think it is in your head and the fears you are having about your child’s tics are making them worse. At this point, you probably feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and a little bit scared. Friend, I have been there and I completely understand the emotional hurricane you are experiencing right now. As parents, we want to fix our kids. We want to help them be “normal” and healthy. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all approach that works and conventional medicine has yet to catch up.

I hope that you’ve found this blog post informative and helpful. Although there are many common parenting mistakes when dealing with tic disorders, it’s possible to learn from them and avoid making the same ones again. If you’re a parent who has already made some of these mistakes, don’t worry! You can join the Tic Disorder Parent Support Group on Facebook where we provide tips on how to cope with tics as well as other resources for parents like yourself.

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