“Now I’m all better.”

When I was really little I wanted to be a doctor. I thought helping people get better would be the most noble and rewarding profession. In time, I realized that a doctor’s hours were just not going to work for me. What I wanted to be even more than a doctor, was a mom (and yes, many women do both- they are superheroes!). So my career took a different, yet wonderful turn. I became a teacher, quite by accident, but it suited me perfectly. I found that I am an educator at heart, and taught Spanish and French for 13 years at the secondary level. I loved every minute of working with students and families, teaching them and learning from them. Life did what it does, bringing new opportunities and choices to be made. It’s funny how things come full circle. Now, here I am, a few babies and a global pandemic later, working for Dr. Gibson, helping people get better! I guess, the little girl version of me got her wish after all. I now get to combine my years of experience in education and advocacy as well as my knowledge of health and wellness, to teach others AND help them get better. I specialize in family health and I am the go-to-gal for your dietary and lifestyle changes as you work through your protocol with Dr. Gibson. I help with recipe revamps, brand recommendations, pantry clean outs, grocery lists, label reading, and more. I also write blogs for Dr. Gibson based on topics that are generated within our Facebook group (Tic Disorder Secrets: A Natural Approach) or through client surveys. Another part of my job that I am very committed to is taking initial consult calls. I love getting to know people, I am a great listener, and I take notes at the speed of light (#teacherskills). I am so grateful for technology and our ability to connect with people in different states, countries, time zones, and on different continents. I meet with families whose children are going through what my daughter went through. I hear their struggles, their sadness, and their despair. I can empathize with what they are experiencing because I have been in their shoes. As moms and dads ask me through tears, “does this really get better?” I can confidently say “Yes, it absolutely does,” because I have lived through it. It gets better. There is hope. Let me tell you our story. My daughter was diagnosed with OCD, anxiety, sensory processing disorder, mood swings, and ADHD between the ages of 2 and 6. She received the diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome at the age of 7. I was prepared for it; I already knew what the doctor would say from my google searches. Of course, I came armed with my questions about medications and natural approaches, dietary adjustments and more. In the end, the doctor could only prescribe medication and did not give much merit to parent reports about holistic ways to manage symptoms. At first we tried to change her diet by eliminating food dyes, and it did help a little, but not enough. We tried many medications and saw countless doctors including neurologists, ENTs, ophthalmologists, ophthalmology specialists, occupational therapists, psychologists, dermatologists, and attended a CBIT clinic 4-5 times a week for months on end. We exercised, tried yoga, belly breathing, ignored tics, talked about tics, tried vitamins and supplements. Nothing was working and she was only getting worse. People always ask if I can share my daughter’s symptoms. It’s hard to write about what she went through even now that she is tic free and these symptoms are gone. She went through hell. Looking back, I don’t even know how she still managed to enjoy life. It was heartbreaking. Her symptoms included: severe vocal and motor tics, stomach pain, nausea, nightmares, separation anxiety (particularly at bedtime or when going to school), outbursts, impulsive behavior, frustration and fits, anger, intrusive thoughts, compulsions, fear of death, social skill deficits, falling behind in school, lack of concentration, inability to complete multi step tasks without frequent redirection and/ or direct supervision, getting “stuck” in a sequence, needing everything to be “just so,” rituals (before bed, before leaving a room, etc.), repetition of words and phrases, unexplained body pains (bones, skin, eyelashes), constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, cramps, heavy menstrual cycles, extreme fatigue, dizziness, weakness, brain fog, depression, suicidal ideations, rashes, itching, flushing, sweating, feeling hot and cold chills, inability to tolerate loud noises, bright lights, jeans, or certain textures, and I’m sure as soon as I publish this I will think of a list of things I forgot to add. Can I take a moment to remind you that my daughter was 7-13 years old experiencing all of these symptoms? She would say, “Mama, I feel like my body is so old.” The breaking point was the night that she came into my room and laid down on my bed and said words that shook me to my core. “I don’t want to live like this anymore.” Sheer terror raced through me. As a teacher I have lost students to suicide. I’m trained to know what to look and listen for. I told my daughter that we would find a solution and she would get better. I made her sleep in my room that night for fear that she might hurt herself. And I lay awake, scouring the internet, resolved to find someone who could help us. (My daughter is under the care of a psychologist who we contacted immediately. If you are in crisis or you think you may have an emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately. If you're having suicidal thoughts, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) to talk to a skilled, trained counselor at a crisis center in your area at any time (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline). If you are located outside the United States, call your local emergency line immediately.) I was referred to Dr. Gibson by another mom in a Facebook group. After our initial consult call I was optimistically skeptical if that’s a thing. This lady was telling me that my child could get better. I wanted to believe her, I NEEDED to believe her because I was desperate and we had tried everything. I was out of options, out of ideas, and I needed a new approach. If anyone was going to be able to help my daughter, it was Dr. Gibson. So we took a leap of faith and committed whole heartedly to the process. Dr. Gibson’s approach was the complete opposite of everything I had ever heard of before. She was looking for the root cause and scientific proof about what was going on under the surface for my daughter. She was the first person to look at my daughter as a whole rather than a list of individual symptoms. Dr. Gibson will probably laugh at what I’m about to say next. Do you know the character Grandmother Willow in the Disney movie Pocahontas? Remember how she was all, “listen to the earth” and, “Sometimes the right way is not the easiest one?” Well, folks, that’s Dr. Gibson. She listens to the body and does not guarantee that the path is an easy one. BUT SHE GETS YOU ON THE RIGHT PATH FOR YOU. People always ask me how long it took to start seeing changes for my daughter. The answer is after a while and all at once. Within two weeks certain symptoms started to subside and disappear. I didn’t even realize that certain things were getting better until I spoke to Dr. Gibson about 8 weeks into our protocol and I was worrying because my daughter was still ticking. Dr. Gibson assured me that things would improve and reminded me that her body had a lot of healing to do, from the inside out. And then we hit 90 days in. AND. THE. TICS. WERE. GONE. I came downstairs and surprisingly found my child “chilling” on the sofa watching tv before school. She never had extra time. This is a kid who was usually still pulling her socks and shoes on while hopping on one foot at a time on the way to the car. This is not an “extra time before school” child that I have. I tried to play it cool. “Hey, hunny, you’re done early…” awkward pause as her eyes finally fluttered away from the tv. “Oh yea I had SO much extra time cause I wasn’t ticking.” JUST. LIKE. THAT. I think I managed to say, “Oh that’s awesome!” but my mind was like “Don’t jinx it, don’t talk about it.” Can I just say the lack of noise from my child was eerie? It was utterly unnerving taking her to school with no sounds coming from the back seat. I didn’t even tell Dr. Gibson right away. It was like in grade school when you don’t say “snow” because superstitiously it might scare the snow away? I was afraid that this was a fluke. Surely, when I picked her up from school that day the tics would be back. Guess what? The tics are still gone. And every other symptom is gone, too. Readers, my child- for the first time in her life- wore jeans two weeks ago. This is something I didn’t even list on my wish list of symptoms to magically get rid of. After seeing the drastic changes in my daughter, a new passion is ignited in me. I feel absolutely compelled to share my experience with other families who feel that there is no hope, no answer, or no way out of the storm of symptoms they are plagued with. Not everyone I talk to believes me. Some people have actually questioned my motives for promoting Dr. Gibson so wholeheartedly. Yes, I work for her now, but that is not the reason I want to bring every child with tics or a laundry list of symptoms into her program. It’s because I witnessed a miracle. And I have to tell everyone. I can’t keep this to myself. My daughter, who has attended a special private school for children with learning disabilities since she was diagnosed with TS, had lofty hopes of attending a local high school with a theatre program. Guess what? She got in! And she was awarded a Presidential Scholarship for Voice! She was invited to try out for our local rock climbing team. Guess what? She made it! She even set a record climbing a wall 6 times in 5 minutes. Being timed used to be such a source of anxiety and always used to cause more tics. Not now! With Dr. Gibson’s help, I have given my daughter the tools she needs to make educated and responsible choices for her health as she grows into an adult. Yes, it is a daily choice for her to stay on track with her protocol. Every once in a while my daughter chooses to veer off the path. She is learning how foods and stress affect her body, how much of something is too much and what she can tolerate. There are points in your life where, in hindsight, you realize you were at a fork in your path. The direction you chose to go at that time altered everything that came after. I chose Dr. Gibson, against the advice of some people I hold near and dear to my heart. Not everyone had the faith that I had. Not everyone understood why I was trusting a lady who lived across the country from me and who I’d never met in person. People I love fought with me and tried to change my mind! I stuck to my guns. Times have changed. Technology allows us access to experts that don’t live nearby. I vetted Dr. Gibson with another mom who had an amazing story and that was that. I chose the path of an unfamiliar approach and it was a bit intimidating, but I knew it was the right choice for us. I am so glad I took the risk. I have my girl back. She is happy, a total chatterbox, more tolerant, more balanced, tic free, has manageable menstrual cycles, has regular BMs, and she is just enjoying being a kid. She loves singing, theatre, and doing makeup. She is an even bigger Dr. Gibson promoter than I am! She has actually gotten on a few initial consult calls to tell people first hand that THIS PROCESS WORKS. Her life has changed. Recently, I asked her to describe to me a little bit about her process with Dr. Gibson and I asked if there was anything she wanted other kids who might be considering working with Dr. Gibson to know. I’ll end with my daughter’s testimony. “Dr. Gibson is really nice. She helps you know what you can eat. The biggest help for me was the food part of it. I didn’t know certain things were making me worse. Now I can move my body because I WANT to not because I HAVE to. I used to tic all the time.” “And how about now?” “Now I’m all better.” -Danielle M. Goetzinger

I Have My Body Back

The journey of my son started at the age of four. My husband and I started to notice odd neck and shoulder movements. They were not often, but just enough to raise an eyebrow. We didn't think anything of it, rather just a phase that a toddler goes through. Well, as he grew out of the toddler phase, my son did not grow out of those tics. In fact, they started to gain momentum and become more frequent and intense. When he was five years old, the neck and the shoulder tics were still present but now we noticed a blinking tic and an a systematic opening and stretching of the mouth. I decided to take him to a pediatric neurologist. At the end of the consultation, the doctor suggested putting him on medication. She advised me that if I kept him on the medication, upon the onset of puberty, he could start to experience some depression and suicidal thoughts. I walked out of the office devastated and hopeless. I then started to do some research and found that gluten and dairy could be the culprits to his tics. While it did help somewhat, they were still present. For the next three years, we shot in the dark with diet and supplements hoping that his symptoms would settle down. We also did CBIT therapy in the interim. Nothing worked. They were actually getting worse! I remember the day we hit our threshold. It was February of last year. We were vacationing in Florida for our mid-winter recess when one morning my son's tics were so bad, he could not function. He had a neck and shoulder tic, wiping of his belly and a foot roll all at the same time. I took a video and sent it to Dr. Piper Gibson. We spoke for a few days and she reassured me that I would get my son back. That Monday, after we came home from vacation, Dr. Piper and I finalized our plan to move forward with our son, Joseph. There was no doubt in my mind that I not only had to do this for him but for our family. I needed to collect the data and look under the hood. I was dedicated to healing him from within. Almost 90 days later to the exact date, my son was tic free. We made all the necessary changes for him and for us. The changes we made to his diet and lifestyle were not only a change for him, but a change for the whole family. It made all the difference. It was the best decision we have ever made and the best money we have ever spent. For the first time this summer, Joseph played a solo on his piano at his recital. He went on stage very calm and enthusiastic. That would have never happened prior to working with Dr. Piper. He is now going to audition for the school musical this upcoming fall. He is thriving in school and in his academics. In one trimester, he jumped 4 reading levels and 3 levels in his math facts. These are things that used to hold him back because his little body was always in a state of constant inflammation. It is now 7 months that my son is tic free. He says that he has his body back and he is "healed." I am so excited to see where this school year brings him. This is the first time he will go into an academic year without any symptoms. Without Dr. Piper Gibson, my son and my family would not be where we are today. She has dedicated her life and career to helping children overcome tic disorders. My hope is that she becomes a family's first resort to helping their children. My only regret is that I wish I would have done this sooner. Thank you for giving my child back, for giving him the life he so longed for and deserved. Forever grateful, Pina Prainito-Tedeschi

Maddy is Tic Free

Last year, my youngest child had a sudden onset of tics. I had no idea why and felt very lost and alone and panicked because that’s me. I first went to the GP. I saw a neurologist who was very lovely and told me that there wasn’t much I could do and that I had to calm down. We also saw a paediatrician who explained the nature of tics but didn’t really offer much help. So, there I was, in despair and no idea what to do next cor my beautiful girl. A beautiful mum I met over a Facebook page reached out to me and told me about Dr Piper Gibson. I immediately looked her up and made contact. Dr Gibson, was as she has always been with me, very understanding, calming and supportive. After many months of watching and waiting the neurologist told us at a follow up that he didn’t need to see us anymore. I changed her diet to more whole foods, gluten-free, reduced sugar and screen time, lots more time outside a more relaxing bedtime routine. My daughter’s tic’s reduced but were still there sometimes. So we did the functional lab testing that Dr. Gibson suggested. I was absolutely amazed at how much data was captured and the findings of that data. Since then, I have tried to support my daughter as much as I have been able to knowing what we know and she has been tic free for many months now. I absolutely recommend working with Dr Gibson. Her work is absolutely phenomenal. Such a scary traumatic time in our life has actually made us change things up and live in a much more healthier and conscious way. Tania & Maddy, Australia

Steady Progress

When our 8-year old son suddenly developed vocal and motor tics in August 2021, we went down the rabbit hole of internet resources and tried a few things that didn't help. Our doctor hadn't dealt with this before and told us to wait it out, but it was causing him so much discomfort, sleep issues, and embarrassment. I am so glad we found Dr. Piper Gibson early on, who helped us understand more about tics and led through comprehensive testing to identify specific challenges he was experiencing. We now have a plan in place based on those results and are seeing steady progress with his sleep and a slow reduction of tics. Having a support group in place with other moms has been great as well, as I don't know any other parents who have kids struggling with this. I've enjoyed the easy access to Dr. Piper so I can ask questions, and she gave us a ton of resources for recipes and lifestyle changes that will help support us all in this journey. It's nice to work with a provider who has experienced this as a parent and can help us understand more about how to support my son's system to reduce tics, but also prevent other complications throughout his life. ~Robin K, CO

My mom gut knew something was off

As a mother and a pharmacist, I can’t sing Piper's praises enough. She is incredible to work with and will treat your own kids as her own. My son experienced a few tic “episodes” following illnesses and I was told they were normal and just a coincidence on the timing. My mom gut knew something was off. My own research told me we were dealing with other issues. I started supplements from my own research and saw some improvement but I wanted concrete answers. Piper validated my thoughts both as a mom and as a holistic practitioner. Through genetic testing, stool analysis, food sensitivities, and very detailed history we found the root causes. After some adjustments and streamlining supplements specific to my son's results - we have a new gut and a much healthier immune system and no longer deal with tics after infections. A year down the line I found myself having issues with Raynaud’s phenomenon and a positive ANA which is an autoimmune marker. I immediately reached out to Piper and after a careful history and some lab work, she suggested some supplements for me. After a few weeks, I had incredible results. I have not had a Raynauds “attack” (even in a Northeast winter full of snow) and my ANA is no longer positive. Piper creates a personalized plan based on your history and it’s not a one-size-fits-all. Her knowledge is remarkable and her passion is contagious to help families. My only regret was not partnering with her sooner. As a board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist, I am incredibly impressed with Piper's execution in navigating various health conditions. Ashley Kapanek Pharm.D., BCPS

Attention Driven Mamas Who Are Ready To Reduce Tic Disorder Symptoms Naturally

Find out how our clients all over the world reduce and eliminate tic disorder symptoms without adding in another prescription or ever being written off by another doctor.

- Lily

Hello, I am Lily, I am 12 years old and here is my testimony. I have grown up in church and always considered myself a Christian but I never knew how to build a relationship with God. Many people don’t know this about me but when I was about 7 years old, I had developed tics and tourette’s syndrome, severe anxiety, and mild depression. I was also a very restless sleeper and rarely ever slept well. This was always tough on me and I was tired of having to suffer all of the time. By the time I was 9 about to turn 10 I started telling my parents “I’m tired of this, I don’t want to live like this anymore.” They decided to take matters into their own hands so we all started praying every night and my mom reached out to a Naturopathic PhD & Tic Disorder Expert, Piper Gibson. She was very supportive, sweet, and helpful through this hard time. We ran some functional health labs and figured out that what was causing these symptoms were the foods that I was eating (and a disregulated immune system). My sensitivities are gluten, dairy, eggs, goats milk, pineapple, and peanuts. It took a long time to get used to the change but we eventually got used to it. It really improved my mental and physical health, and my ability to be myself. I had been praying more often and leaning towards God, I had built a good relationship with him. I had also started going to church more often, reading my devotionals, and giving my all to the Lord, and trying to help out the community. My best friend Maddie, and I made the most amazing decision of our lives to get baptized on the same day. On August 21, 2022, I got baptized in His name and it was truly the best decision of my life. This past year and now, I took the opportunity last semester to take Bible class through school and to also go to youth group at my church. I read the Bible when I start to feel upset, angry or anxious. I always have conversations with God, and on my both good and bad days I listen to worship music and praise the Lord with all my heart. Thank you for taking your time to read this and Jesus loves you, I mean it.
⁃ Lily 💗

I would do it all over again

My daughter Lily has worked with Dr. Gibson for about 4 months. She had mild tics, daily headaches, emotional highs and lows, anxiety, ADHD, horrible sleeper, and major clothes sensory issues. I always thought her tics were mild and her behavior the past 2 years were her just being a pubescent girl. One night my daughter cried and told me her body didn’t feel healthy and she was petrified to fall asleep because she felt like she might not wake up. Terrifying for a parent. In that moment, I knew something was not right with her health. I was worried we were headed towards a slippery slope of physical and mental health issues in her future. I made a promise to her that I will find someone to help her and we prayed about it. The next morning I posted on FB and Dr. Gibson posted a link that sounded like everything Lily goes through (anxiety, mild OCD, tics). I made a consult with Dr. Gibson and immediately knew that she was the hope we were looking for. I didn’t care the cost because were taking about my child’s health and future. I could pay this now or I could pay medical bills for counseling and put her on anxiety meds and may never be able to help her. I immediately applied for a credit card and signed up. With her “test and don’t guess” protocol, we discovered through functional lab testing that Lily has several food sensitivities, Candida overgrowth, and some genetic issues that we continue to work on. Within 2 weeks of starting the protocol- working on her gut, taking away the foods she’s sensitive to, her headaches and tics resolved. She sleeps better at night. She’s not in this constant fight or flight high energy state anymore. She’s my relaxed, fun, happy girl! Lily is now wearing a few different clothes fabrics, but she’s still wanting to stick with very soft fabrics and no seams. We’ve had a few hiccups with her eating gluten and we could absolutely tell how much it affects her moods. This is a big change for her and our family as we all started eating better (fresh, cleaner foods)…fun fact is we ALL feel better. I’ve lost 7 lbs. with eating cleaner too. Overall we continue to see an improvement and Lily is happier. I would pay the money all over again to have this experience of seeing my daughter live her best healthy life and will be forever grateful for Dr. Gibson's knowledge and compassion. I hope this helps! Lily & Sabrina

Tummy issues are gone!

– Beckie, NM

-Jordan, CO.

I found Dr. Gibson through the Struggle to Strength Podcast and I was looking for solutions to my digestive issues and frequent headaches. Since working with Dr. Gibson I have had Less headaches since I stopped eating egg white and I am so VERY happy about that. I've also noticed that I've been less bloated and generally less puffy overall. I finally feel like I've made some progress with my diet. Thanks for your help and guidance! I've been telling all my friends and family to get a food sensitivity test because it's life-changing. -Jordan, CO.

-Lezley, NM

I have known Piper for over 10 years. I followed her journey becoming a doctor of holistic medicine and was so excited for her achievements. I was very proud of her hard work and the lives she was changing. I remember thinking it was great for those people. but I would never need the support she offered. I consider myself healthier than most. I am a fitness enthusiast and live a very active lifestyle and eat healthy. I took nutrition courses, learned to track macronutrients and even prescribed meal plans to people! I have always known that food is medicine and if you eat like crap, you will feel like crap. I got in the best shape of my life and competed in a NPC bikini competition in 2015. I was able to maintain a fairly low body fat percentage and cycled carbs and calories according to my goals. I had fun with it gained muscle, got strong, loved working out and felt great. Around two years ago I noticed my metabolism changing. When I would have a “cheat” meal it would make me feel terrible. My energy and motivation started to wane. I started having more and more migraine headaches and other symptoms like mood swings, anxiety, irregular periods and insomnia. Covid hit and my diet was off, I started drinking more alcohol, and my symptoms kept getting worse. By 2021 I felt like complete trash. I would miss periods, have constant ovarian cysts and had CRAZY eye twitching. The insomnia, mood swings and anxiety were awful. I also suffered from fatigue, brain fog and just overall depression. I saw a handful of doctors who prescribed migraine meds, nausea meds, and hormonal birth control. I took the B.C. for 1 month and had a migraine almost every day. I researched how terrible it was for you and stopped taking it. Desperate for help I made an appointment with a nurse practitioner who does hormone testing. While waiting to get in to her office I called Piper. Without even looking at any labs she suspected my glucose was high and certain hormones were off. We did the genetics testing and found I did carry the gene for diabetes and had MTHFR gene mutation. I went to the appointment the same week. The hormone panel was just as Piper suspected and my A1c was high and “pre-diabetic.” That practitioners fix was 1. Birth control and 2. Metformin (that had JUST been recalled by FDA) I told her no thank you! I began Piper’s protocol the end of December. After 3 months I feel like a new person. My fasting glucose is much lower, my period is back and has been regular. The best part. I no longer RAGE! I didn’t even notice how terrible my mood swings and anxiety were! No more racing heart and coming unglued for no reason. I sleep better and am motivated to work out and prep meals again. My kids and my husband have noticed my improved mood and symptom relief as well. I am so thankful for the change. I only wish I would have contacted her sooner!

The Tic Tailor

I came to see Piper about a year ago because my son’s tics were getting more severe by the day. She had us go on an elimination diet and also had us do a variety of tests including genetic and gut tests. When the results came back she thoroughly reviewed each finding and put us on a protocol. Within 8 weeks my son‘s tics were 90% better and are still substantially diminished almost a year later. Piper was an amazing resource for information and she was really great about tailoring the protocol specifically for us. For instance, my son has a hard time taking pills so she was able to give us recommendations for creams that had the same effect. Piper was amazing to work with and we are so grateful that we came to her to help with my son’s tics.

– Annie, Ca

Testing is Essential: The Roadmap

I think the testing is essential especially for anyone who is prone to anxiety or is super stressed/worried about their child.

The testing has given us answers to many of the could it be this or that questions. When you discover this world of biomed there are about a 1000 different reasons and then 1000 different ways to help heal kids. If you go in any of the boards you will see people tell you totally different and sometimes contradicting ways to stop tics, heal the gut, treat autism, or any other diagnosis.

We have been able to eliminate many causes through testing and also pinpoint what is going on inside his body. I have a better idea of what foods to give him and what not to- that was always such a guessing game for me with histamines, oxalates, phenols, etc- I never really knew if those things were causing issues or not until we did testing.

I know now we don’t have mold- thank goodness- but you can’t tell that unless you test the body and your home.

It also gives me proof that there are things not working right and that I was right to not just ignore his tics like the pediatrician said.

It has become more of let’s get his body healthy and functioning the best it can, teach him how to do that and less about “curing” his tics.

For me as a mom the testing helps me have a plan and direction for his treatment. I have way less anxiety now working with you where we have tested then treated then tested then treated vs just guessing and trying and seeing what happens. I was in a tornado before now I feel I have a road map.

– Angela, WI

Lose that last 10! 

I constantly struggled with bloating, heart burn and acid reflux, stomachache, all on a nightly basis. I had trouble sleeping because I would wake up throughout the night with major acid reflux and feeling like I needed to throw up. My stomach would hurt after meals, mainly dinner and I would be burping all evening. My main goal was to not have any of these symptoms and lose weight in the process!  I had been having these symptoms severely for less than a year.  Before working with Piper, I went to the doctor and they prescribed Zantac, but it did not relieve my symptoms.  I also tried OTC meds like Pepto. 

Once I spoke with Piper and joined her program, she suggested a dietary and lifestyle changes specific to me. After only a few days I had no discomfort at night. Along with relieving my digestive issues I also felt like I had more energy. I typically would need a daily nap in the afternoon. With the recommendations that she gave me I felt I had more energy to get through the day.  Another benefit from following Piper’s program was I was finally able to lose the last 10 lbs. that I always have struggled with.  

Since finishing the program, I have been able to maintain my weight loss. I do occasionally eat things I shouldn’t, but I face the consequences when I do! 

– Rachel, NM

She truly is a natural and cares about getting you well

Piper is great!  She is smart and knows her stuff.  You can tell she has done the work and educated herself well and seems very comfortable and at ease with any issues we have had, and being able to help with those issues.  She has been working with both my toddler boys, and in the short time we have worked with her so far she has helped with a wide variety of symptoms and even behavioral issues!  She truly is a natural and cares about getting you well.

Melisse, Utah

Thankful! No More Troubles 

My daughter, who was 12 at the time, was having constant stomach aches. They were so bad that she was scared to eat because no matter what she ate she would have cramps and pain. We knew she couldn’t have dairy, even though we avoided it she was still in pain. After meeting with Piper and doing a food sensitivity test we found out more things to avoid. Piper was so knowledgeable and helped us pin point what we needed to do to help my daughter feel better. She no longer has stomach issues as long as we stick to the protocol Piper helped us establish. I’m so thankful for Piper and her help with my daughter!

Kerry, NM


Piper was exactly what I was looking for! I had heard so much about genetic predisposition‘s to nutritional Deficiencies and Food sensitivities for kids on the spectrum. I had been dabbling based on Dr. Google’s advice, but it wasn’t until I met Piper that I was able to get some concrete answers that confirmed what I was already doing. She gave me some proof for the people in my life that were doubting me. Not to mention the insight on future preventative choices we could make to continue to support our six-year-old son on the spectrum to the best of our ability. Most of what we learned was never even brushed on by any of the other practitioners we had been working with.

Thank you so much!

– Crystal, NM

Brand New!

A healthy lifestyle was always my priority until I began my master’s degree program 2 years ago. Working full time as a teacher and trying to be the best mom and wife I could be on top of trying to be an A+ student, my healthy lifestyle came to a halt. I ate whatever was fast, easy and available and I quit working out. It wasn’t until a year after living this lifestyle that my health began to suffer. I was always tired, I had gained weight, had stiff joints, and my emotions were like a roller coaster. I lived this way for the next year, blaming all my symptoms on stress. I never thought it had anything to do with what I was putting in and I knew I needed to make a change when I saw, one day, that my blood pressure was through the roof. This is when I contacted Piper, as I wanted to regain my health again without medication! After our initial meeting, I took a food sensitivity test along with a blood test to determine my vitamin deficiencies and food sensitivities. Piper explained that my results gave her a good idea of why my symptoms. She explained everything in terms that I could understand and even made herself available for questions and conversation after my appointment. Her suggestions of what to do based on my results have changed my life. All of my symptoms mentioned are totally gone. Today, I feel like a whole new person. Our son, who was diagnosed with Crohn’s two years ago, is now seeing Piper as well and we are hopeful for a healthy and happy future for our family.

– Amy Moreman, NM

Dramatic Breakthrough

I have had a dramatic breakthrough, I am on week 3 of no gluten or wheat of any kind... I am feeling so well and I am losing cm's in inflammation every day... I am taking the liposomal glutathione - this must be really making a difference. Also, when I went to Amsterdam with my friends, all they eat is bread - so I did also and felt so horrible I felt so bloated and looked like a marshmallow, as soon as I got back to the UK I stopped and the difference in three weeks in simply unbelievable! My tops are loose and even my trousers are no longer tight! I am making all my own meals and making smoothies for breakfast still a little dairy but lactose-free seems to work. I am even more positive now 100% it is gluten that has made me so ill for so long, even though I don’t show as being a coeliac by UK doctors. Even when I have cut out gluten before I have never felt like this... it must be the additional supplements you have told me to take that are helping!Clare, UK

Piper is amazing!

For some time I had suspicions of my kids having food sensitivities. I reached out to her for help! She tested them for food sensitivities and confirmed several foods. She then helped set up an amazing protocol plan and helped us find alternative foods and focus on healing from the inside out. She is wonderful to work with and very knowledgeable in what she does. I feel she deserves bonus points because she has a holistic approach to everything, which is HUGE for me. I highly recommend her.  My daughter used to have lots of stomach pain almost daily and since eliminating the foods she had sensitivities too she has stopped complaining and being uncomfortable!

– Breanna, NM

Grateful and Amazed

We started working with Piper in January 2019.At that time, our 19-year-old son, Charlie, had just come home from his 4th hospitalization in a year and a half. He had been given a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder with psychosis. Throughout the year and a half, I don’t think the hospital or private psychiatrists knew exactly what diagnosis “fit” Charlie because he had such severe psychosis along with mania and depression. All they did was to try and find an anti-psychotic medication and mood stabilizer that would alleviate his symptoms. Nothing worked. No one could give us an answer as to why he had these symptoms all they could do was watch and monitor and prescribe medication.

Charlie’s first hospitalization was in the Fall of 2017, after beginning senior year of high school. The year started off similar to past years in that I needed to change his schedule and speak to guidance because of Charlie’s struggles with anxiety, especially extreme social anxiety. Within a few weeks, however, his whole personality seemed to shift and he lost his social anxiety but that was quickly replaced by grandiose thoughts, unusual behavior, sleepless nights, pressured speech and escalating anger. These symptoms were confirmed by our family doctor as mania and he was admitted for his first hospitalization and given medications for bipolar disorder. During this first manic episode, his personality changed so much from a shy, sweet young man to an arrogant, angry person with auditory and visual delusions. These delusions became his reality. I never thought I’d get my son back. After being discharged from his first hospitalization after 2 months, he tried different psychiatrists and medications because he felt horrible, brain fog, depression and anxiety and on top of everything else he had gained 35 pounds due to the anti-psychotic meds.

He couldn’t attend school or even leave the house because although the mania and psychosis abated his anxiety returned and was threw the roof. Depression started as well which was so bad that he would sit in a chair in our garage and sob for hours. The psychiatrists in hospital and out just kept telling us he needed to stay on his medications and if this one isn’t working we’ll try another. We added more medications for anxiety, depression, and insomnia on top of the mood stabilizers and anti-psychotics.He started having suicidal thoughts. The pain and suffering he endured was overwhelming. Another hospitalization and med changes in the summer of 2018 seemed to stabilize him a bit. During this time, we were trying to educate ourselves, find support for Charlie and ourselves but we also kept asking the question “Why is he experiencing these symptoms?’ Aren’t there any tests to find out what’s going on inside his brain or his body that’s causing him to be so sick?”

I had been hearing about functional medicine so I started listening to Dr. Mark Hyman’s Broken Brain series, read Dr. Kelly Brogan’s book and found other Functional medicine practitioners on line. What I was learning sounded like it could be helpful. Inflammation and gut-brain connection seemed like a probable cause for his symptoms. Of course, the medical doctors didn’t think these were worthwhile options to pursue and only kept switching medications based on his outward symptoms.Charlie had a typical American diet, especially while he was sick at home or in the hospital when the only source of happiness came from sugary drinks, snacks, and fast food. I felt like it was wrong to keep letting him eat this way, but since we were always in crisis mode and medical doctors said there was no connection I continued to provide and allow him to add fuel to the fire.

By the end of Nov. 2018, Charlie started to experience mania symptoms again and needed to be admitted to the hospital. The medications he was on hadn’t prevented him from escalating again. This hospitalization lasted another 2 months and during this time he had a return of auditory hallucinations, extreme paranoia, and disorganized thinking. I watched and listened as my son told me about messages he was getting from the tv and over the hospital P.A. system, how the water was making him drunk and how the staff was experimenting on him to reduce him into being a baby. During his hospital stays his diet consisted of standard hospital food and sugary snacks as well as whatever other fast food he requested us to bring.This past January 2019 he was discharged from the hospital still experiencing paranoia and delusions. The second night he was home I had to catch him as he was falling backwards because the voices were telling him to stop breathing. We very calmly decided to stop his latest anti-psychotic medication because it was increasing his auditory and visual hallucinations. Charlie had had a similar reaction to a different anti-psychotic in the past so we knew that this particular medication was not helping and in fact making him worse. Within 24 hours his delusions cleared.

I had originally reached out to Piper while Charlie had been in the hospital and now we set up a consultation with her. She took a thorough history and gave us requests to take to our doctor for lab work, recommended genetic testing, and other GI tests. Her approach was so professional and knowledgeable so we were able to trust her suggestions from the beginning although we had many questions and only hope that we were going down the right path.With test results and complete medical and family history Piper was able to give us a plan to follow. All of her recommendations were based on actual test results and evaluations that correlate with Charlie’s symptoms. Finally, we were getting reasons why Charlie’s body was reacting in these extreme ways. For him, the goal was to reduce inflammation and anxiety.We started to follow Piper’s suggestions and recommendations for nutritional supplements, lifestyle, sleep, and diet. We learned he had certain significant gene mutations causing an inability for his brain to process certain chemicals often added to commercial foods. The labs he completed also showed he would benefit from adding certain natural supplements and minerals.Slowly yet noticeably he began to heal.It’s been 8 months now since we started working with Piper and Charlie is doing so well. He’s so healthy and for the first time in years, he does not have constant debilitating anxiety. It’s gone.

This past summer he had 2 part-time jobs, joined a new gym, attends Sunday Mass and activities at our church with other kids his age. He even flew solo to visit his brother for a week in Utah. These may seem like normal things and they are but for Charlie up until recently, they were impossible. With Piper’s help and care, he can live a life that we never thought he’d be able to enjoy. He follows his dietary plan, takes recommended nutritional supplements, avoids foods, and chemicals that could aggravate his body.He still takes one medication that he’s hoping to discontinue.

We’re not anti-doctor or medication when needed but we’ve found that Charlie’s illness had underlying causes that are able to be healed with a functional medicine approach using natural supplements, lifestyle, and dietary changes.I was certainly skeptical about the effect that this approach could bring for Charlie since his mental state was so severely disrupted but it worked, he’s well.We’re constantly grateful and amazed by his dramatic change in wellness and know that Piper with all her wealth of knowledge and care has been that instrument of healing for Charlie. It was her professional yet compassionate care that gave us the confidence to try the plan she recommended based on all the results and data she gained from tests, labs, and also her knowledge of environmental and healthy lifestyle options.She always gave us the information so clearly and answered all our questions and concerns and provided us (without overwhelming us) with the information we needed to make truly informed decisions regarding Charlie’s health. Never once did we feel we were just another client but knew he was receiving individualized assessment and care based on his own unique symptoms.

We know Piper will continue to be there for Charlie and there are not enough words to thank her for all she’s done for our son, Charlie.

 Kerry, NY

Forget about the aging process– Sharon, HI

Piper is one of my heroes.Why: because I am almost 72 years old and have not felt well for years.I was being told by more than one of my doctors that a lot of my issues could be chalked it up to the 'aging process'.Today, after a little over two months of adhering to the protocol we have established for me after genetic and food sensitivity testing, I feel so much better.I know that some of the issues identified by the testing will take many more months to fully correct the decades of physiological abuse of my gastrointestinal system.However, now I am on board and grateful for this chance and the science that allows progress to a healthier me.Some of the benefits I have felt already are:no crazy cycle of bloating with loose bowels or constipation, less joint pain, better sleep cycle, more energy, and as noted by my family members: less grumpiness.I fully expect further reduction of inflammation over my entire body and more energy to enjoy life in my golden years !
– Sharon, HI

Feeling Better than Ever

I know it sounds crazy but I feel better now than I think I ever have! I’m in my 30’s and I used to feel bad most of the time. I suffered from brain fog, low libido, and digestive issues. I also have an autoimmune tissue disease and hypothyroid. Nothing I was doing was working and I felt sick and tired of being sick and tired! I thought I was eating healthy and doing all the things that I should be doing to be healthy but it wasn’t working. Piper showed me a new way and helped me to discover what is best for my body! I know what I can and can’t eat and what is going to really make me feel awful. She helped me to get in tune with my body and understand what is going on. Her plan included running functional tests and genetics to make the perfect plan for me. Individualized health is the way to go. I’m getting my kids tested too, its great information to have so they can fell great their whole lives. I’m feeling great, I’m happy, and my husband is happy too.

Thank you, Piper!!

-Billie, NM

I have even had my son tested and all of this symptoms are gone! Thank you, Piper!

Complete Family Fix!

Just about 3 months ago my hubby and I went to see Piper Gibson, a newly certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practioner. My husband has had chronic sinus headaches for over 30 years. He’s had sinus surgery, seen tons of doctors and specialists and their solution was just to take Tylenol and Advil as needed. I have chronic hives, rosacea, and eczema. Our 4-year-old has bad allergies and has been on Zyrtec since he was 6 months old. My 3-year-old has rosacea and bad eczema.She suggested a low inflammation diet, similar to paleo. We learned from some genetics testing which broken genes we have. I learned I’m bad with folic acid and b12, and now take supplements to help. We had food sensitivity testing done. Leaned the whole family cant have eggs. Tom can’t have yeast. I can’t have flax and once I cut that and eggs I feel great. I had no idea I had a stomach issue until I cut out my bad foods. Now I feel nothing all day from my stomach and it’s awesome. Learned our oldest can’t have oats, milk, and gluten. Once we stopped that, he’s now medication free and doing great. My middle boy’s eczema is significantly improved as long as we are strict with his diet. He’s bad with gluten and oatmeal. He also was having potty training issues with number 2. Once his diet improved, over one weekend he was completely potty trained. His stomach is all better and he can control going to the bathroom and everything is normal.We also had gut health testing done and are working on fixing issues that the testing found. Since starting to repair our guts, Tom’s pain has started to decrease and he finds the pain much more manageable. He feels so good he’s started working out.My rosacea has significantly improved and my brain is less foggy and my concentration has greatly improved. And over the 3 months, I’ve lost 29lbs :-).Thank you, Piper, for fixing my family. I figured we had nothing to lose by giving you a chance. You have fixed, and are fixing longstanding issues and even solved problems we thought were part of normal life. God bless you, your business and your whole family.

– Colleen, NM

I’m a Believer

When I would see her a couple of times a year, she would try to convince me I could address the issues I associated with aging without resorting to harsh pharmaceuticals. To say I was skeptical would be an understatement; I wasn’t buying any of it.  I mocked those practitioners of ‘alternative treatment’ methods and viewed them as “snake oil salesmen” who had bought into a false hope.  I was too smart to be taken in.A few months ago, I received a package from my sister.  Inside was a Nutritional DNA test kit.  Good grief!!  Why wouldn’t she give it a rest?  I was getting a little irritated but decided to send off the sample just to make her stop.  Certainly, the results would show there was absolutely nothing wrong with me that could not be attributed to the normal aging process.Two weeks pass and I received the DNA test results and a phone call from a nutritional practitioner named Piper Gibson, obviously at the request of my sister.  Ms. Gibson goes through the test results with me and explains where I have “broken” genes.  I’m thinking “Ya right, I’m sure this is what they tell everybody.  I bet I have perfect genes”.  Ms. Gibson goes on to say that with the correct nutritional supplements she believed I could lessen or alleviate the problems I associated with aging.  As if she can read my thoughts, Ms. Gibson tells me not to believe the ‘normal aging’ myth.  When the call ends, I am not one inch closer to being a ‘believer’.The next week in the mail I receive a box of vitamins and supplements.  My sister is at it again!  Ms. Gibson has sent me a dosage schedule and calls to explain it.  I formulate my new plan.  I’ll take the supplements as directed and at the end of the month, I can call my sister, honestly tell her that I have followed the prescription, thank her for the concern, and report no improvement.  Then maybe she will stop!So much for my plan.  Day by day, I’m feeling better.  My intestinal problems have disappeared.  I’m sleeping longer and wake up alert.  I have more energy throughout the day.  My joints don’t ache.  And best of all, I have clear and sharp thought.  As much as I HATE being wrong, much less admitting it, the results are impossible to overcome.Ms. Gibson has been there every step of the way.  From dietary advise to alternatives for harsh pharmaceuticals, Piper has been a trusted and knowledgeable advisor.  Through her results, she has PROVEN to me, someone who has fought hard NOT to believe, that I didn’t have to accept the “I’m just getting old” ideas of the past.  It’s not often you can say that someone has made a dramatic improvement in your quality of life but Ms. Gibson has certainly done so in mine.

Thank you Piper, well done!

– Scott, Tx


My health began to decline about six years ago. I had extreme anxiety and I was so fatigued I could hardly function. I had terrible brain fog and had trouble doing my job as I couldn’t think straight. My digestive system was a mess. My joints ached. I spent most of my time crying. I had every medical test known to man, including two CT scans, an MRI, multiple blood tests and stool tests, all to no avail . I was told that I had irritable bowel syndrome and thyroid problems and given pills and sent home . None of it helped. I soon got more pills to counteract the side effects of the pills I had been given . I was getting worse !Piper Gibson was my savior – my knight in shining wellness armor ! She suggested that I get genetic testing to determine what my body wasn’t getting enough of and then made recommendations based on the results . She was able to tell me what gene defects I have and make suggestions as to what supplements and lifestyle changes would help . It was hard to change my ways – going grain free in today’s restaurant world is really hard – but once I made the changes she suggested I started to feel better . Within a few weeks I started feeling good again, and now after two years, I have to tell you that I have NEVER felt better ! I mean it when I say never – I didn’t even feel this good as a teenager ! I didn’t know that I could feel this good because I never had . So now , at 59 years old, I am finally giving my body what it needs to function properly. I’m thankful that Piper was able to help me and to solve my mystery illness. I highly highly recommend her!

-Kelly, NM

Life Changing

The Genomix Nutrition test is life changing. I was so depressed, wanted to stay in bed all day, horrible anxiety, no patience, no energy at all! I cried the day after I started supplements based on my genes because I didn’t know I could feel this good!

Piper is wonderful! She is very knowledgeable and dedicated to holistic healthcare. What a great resource to have her in Las Cruces.

– Anna



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