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Piper Gibson is a Doctor of Functional Medicine, Doctor of Advanced Holistic Nutrition, Traditional Naturopathic Doctor, and is a Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine. Piper helps scared, frustrated, and overwhelmed parents get access to the tools and education they need so they can start reducing their child’s tic disorder symptoms naturally.

She is an international best-selling author and the founder of the Tic Disorder Institute: Regenerating Health. Her foundational program teaches parents holistic methods that will restore their child’s health in the face of a potentially confusing and worrying diagnosis.

After going from stay-at-home mom to children’s holistic health expert, Piper has been able to help many families just like hers to gain control of their child’s tic disorder using food, functional lab testing, and natural approaches.

She is the Corporate Educator for GX Sciences and was recently featured in Authority Magazine. She can also be heard on The Autism Wellbeing Podcast and 15-Minute Matrix.

Tackling Tic Disorders Naturally

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Is your child’s tic disorder reversible?