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Gut And Tics

Gut Microbiome and Tics/Tourettes

This week we are talking about  The Potential Relationship between Tics/Tourette Syndrome and Gut Microbiome 👉🏻What this study says about gut bugs👉🏻What is there a

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ADHD Tic Disorder

Tics and ADHD Meds

We are talking about Tics and ADHD Meds -Are ADHD Meds a culprit for your child’s tics -What is missing from this study -Why this isn’t

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Tics Emotional Dysregulation

Tics and Emotional Dysregulation

Sixty consecutive admissions were assessed for perceived stress, emotional dysregulation, severity of obsessions and compulsions, anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder, and tic expression at a

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Understanding Tic Disorders Genetics

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeZL2Qvp0x8 Has your child just been handed a tic disorder diagnosis? They are experiencing tics and twitches and you don’t know what to do!  Maybe you

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Histamine Role in Tics

Alright, let’s dive into the world of histamines and their surprising connection to tics. Buckle up, folks – we’re about to get our science on!

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Tics and Toxins

Three Ways Toxins Impact Tics

https://youtu.be/x5F5CDnnrtQ Want to finally see your child take center stage in their life so that you can reclaim yours? It’s heartbreaking when your child misses

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Thought it was a pimple BUT it wouldn’t heal. My dad died from melanoma, and every year on his birthday, I share information about skin

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I get it…you are tired, frustrated, and confused! You have this diagnosis but no idea what it really means for you or your child. You

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Screen Time Detox


Screen time is toxic! It’s not just the toxicants in and around our homes but electromagnetic fields (EMF) exposure can be toxic too. We have

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Glyphosate Guitly


Glyphosate was found guilty by a California jury for causing cancer in a school groundskeeper, who was repeatedly exposed to it in his line of

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