Tics & PANS/PANDAS: Beyond Online Searches

Have you already seen a Primary Care Physician, a Neurologist, an Allergist, an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist, a Psychologist, a Psychiatrist, participated in a clinic, or tried CBIT therapy or any combination of these in an attempt to help your child? In your experience with doctors, have you been prescribed medication for your child in order to help with tics, sudden behavior changes, or chronic complaints like stomach aches, heartburn, and/or constipation? Did doctors run CBC blood tests only to report everything is “fine” and “normal” when deep down you know something just isn’t right? 

Parents of kids with chronic medical concerns are the kings and queens of the google search bar. We are guilty of trying every suggestion we hear hoping and praying it will be the thing that works for our children. We lay awake at night worrying and we get on waitlists for prestigious doctors who will just medicate our children and book a follow-up weeks later with no interim support or guidance. We regularly drive down the road thinking so hard about our kids’ issues that we don’t even remember how we arrived back in our driveways.

These parents that I just described are me. I am you. My son was diagnosed with a transient tic disorder and after what seemed like a neverending merry-go-round of appointments, prescriptions, and failed attempts at success, something had to change. It just was not working. I realized that the mainstream doctors were trying to heal my son, but in reality, they were only masking the symptoms he was displaying. Medical doctors are taught to evaluate symptoms and treat them, most often with pharmaceutical drugs. They just did not have the right tools in their toolboxes to help us. 

In order to help my son I needed to turn over new stones, bring a new approach, and get away from the accepted norm of “pin the drug on the symptom.” I already had an undergraduate degree in Science, so I returned to school and built on my prior educational background. My goal: to learn how the body works best as a whole system rather than a sum of parts. I dedicated my time over the next few years studying Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Traditional Naturopathy, Advanced Holistic Nutrition, Natural Medicine, Micro-Nutrients, Clinical Herbalism, and I became a Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner. As a result of my studies and mastery of whole-body systems, I helped my child reach a baseline of symptom-free living, which he still enjoys to this day. 

I now work as a Traditional Naturopath, bringing a holistic perspective and empirical data together. In my office, I have a different process than your typical MD. Conventional doctors and I have years’ dedicated to study and desire to help people be well in common. However, we have VERY different approaches. I dig deeper and I address each and every symptom as a piece to a puzzle. They practice medicine and I use a “test don’t guess” approach in order to reveal the root causes contributing to tics, behavior issues, OCD, anxiety, and more. 

If you are reading this you are here looking for answers that you have not yet found. You are probably feeling like you are “just surviving” and are desperate for solutions. Tic disorders, PANS, and PANDAS require a trained eye for detail and a whole-body perspective. These complex health issues are not a one-stop-shop, quick fix, or “take a pill or potion to undo your problems” types of issues. 

So now what? How do you help your child live a happier, symptom-free life? How do you figure out what the root cause is and address things one at a time in order to allow the body to heal in the best way possible? My expertise is helping families like you find a better standard of living in the face of chronic health conditions. I help families peel back the layers of symptoms to find optimal health and wellness. I help tic disorder and PANS/PANDAS clients become symptom-free or close to it in a matter of months.  

So what do you need? I can pretty much guarantee you do NOT need another medical doctor. You need me. 

If six months from now, you could have your child in a happier and healthier place, would you do it?

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