I get it…you are tired, frustrated, and confused! You have this diagnosis but no idea what it really means for you or your child. You have searched the internet and tried magnesium and B6. You have looked for natural treatments for tics, how to make tics stop, facial twitches, facial tics, eye blinking, or even natural remedies for tics but you still feel like you are shooting in the dark

Many of you may have heard me talk about tics and what we struggled with but what are tics? 

Tics are brief, sudden movements or sounds. They may happen at random times and many times each day. A tic is hard to stop, but you are awake and aware during a tic. Tics do not cause you to lose consciousness and usually do not happen in your sleep. 

Tourette’s are both vocal and motor tics that last for more than one year.

Many people will tell you that their child’s tics come and go (wax and wane). That was true for us but what we didn’t realize that there were particular triggers that caused the tics to come and go. 

There are two categories of a tic: vocal and motor
Vocal tics involve making some kind of sound with your mouth or vocal cords. Symptoms can include:

·       Coughing

·       Throat clearing

·       Barking

·       Grunting

·       Sniffing

Motor tics involve the movement of some part of your body. You may notice your child do some of the following:

·       Nose wrinkling

·       Shoulder shrugging

·       Eye blinking

·       Rubbing their hands or feet together

·       Repetitive or obsessive touching

·       Head twitching/jerking

·        Kicking

·        Jumping

Both kinds of tics can be either simple or complex. Meaning that they may only have one or they may do many of these actions. We experienced the complex tics and my son dealt with many vocal and motor tics.

Tics can also be transient or chronic. Many children diagnosed with tics have transient tics, which means that the tics last for a few days to months and then never come back. 

Tics that last for more than a year are called chronic tics. People with chronic tics have what is referred to as chronic tic disorder. Chronic tics can be either motor or vocal and can change over time.

Although our tics were diagnosed as transient, they really feel more in line with a chronic diagnosis. People with chronic tics can experience a motor tic such as head/neck twitches for a period of time, and it morphs into something like eye blinking or throat clearing.

If you are ready to dig into your child’s diagnosis you can book a discovery call here.

I work with families just like mine I help stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed parents who are struggling with their child’s tics diagnosis and giving them a step-by-step process so they no longer feel suffocated by a diagnosis and can have happy & healthy kids.

Symptoms can be far removed from what is actually causing the dysfunction in someone’s body.

I want to help you and your family focus, function, and FLOURISH!

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