Tics, PANS/PANDAS: Why do you need a map?

Do you feel like finding solutions to your child’s symptoms is like searching for buried treasure? If only you had a map to follow for exact directions! The fastest way to get a data-driven and detailed plan to reduce the symptoms your child is experiencing is by booking a DISCOVERY CALL with us. 

Are tics affecting your child? Are unwanted behaviors making you feel helpless? Are your child’s ADHD or poor sleep habits exhausting you day after day? Are the challenges you are facing negatively impacting the relationships in your life? These are common reports from parents in your shoes. 

A CDC study found that 1 out of every 333 is diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and it is estimated that many more go undiagnosed. 1 in 2 children will be diagnosed with a chronic illness.

The only way out is through, and to get through: You need a map. A Roadmap to Recovery as we call it here at Regenerating Health. So many parents call us and their main question is, “What can I do to fix this?” We have the answer to that question and it begins with booking a  DISCOVERY CALL. Each child has a unique set of symptoms, family environment, and goals. We offer an initial consultation to take a detailed health inventory of your child. Based on the information collected on your call, an individualized plan will be customized and developed for your child’s exact body, down to the genetic level.

Many times parents have tried every trick in the book, so to speak. Gluten-free for a few weeks, no dairy for a month, hypnosis, CBIT, or strict bedtimes. These approaches can yield results when applied properly and specifically for each individual. The ONLY way to definitively know which way to go to reach solutions is through functional lab testing. We absolutely believe in data and fact-driven plans. Parents have already done plenty of guessing by the time we speak to them. Our mission is to provide a clear and proven plan that is based on the science of your child’s body. Parents are relieved to know that at no point in our process is guessing included. 

Once we develop a Roadmap to Recovery for your child, you will receive a detailed explanation from Dr. Gibson during your Results and Recommendations session. This is also a time to ask questions that you may have. Once you’ve completed this appointment you will have your treasure map! This is your step-by-step plan to attain your child’s optimal health. 

Regenerating Health believes in providing support and accountability for clients. We have a dedicated team to assist you with dietary accommodations, shopping lists, and any additional questions you may have regarding your child’s wellness. Our expert team supports parents as they work through recommended protocols with their children. Dr. Gibson hosts regular follow-up sessions to verify your child’s progress and make adjustments when needed. Parents who work with Dr. Gibson note her attentive and detail-oriented nature. Being a parent of a child with a tic disorder provides Dr. Gibson with a keen awareness of what each of her clients is experiencing. For this reason, her plan for your child will be tailored to his/her precise biological needs. 

When dealing with health concerns, it is imperative to have a clear and concise approach to reaching the goals you have set. The Roadmap to Recovery is exactly that. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry famously said: “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Parents come to us with wishes for their children. Here at Regenerating Health, we create the plans needed to help goals for your child become a reality. 

If 6 months from now, your child’s life could look totally different for the better, would you be willing to follow the map? 

Data-driven success is our expertise. A customized approach for your unique child is the ONLY way to be successful on this journey. Stop searching for answers without a map. Book an initial consultation call with Regenerating Health and let us help you find the solutions you’ve been searching for. 

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